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What Foods Cause Heartburn?

Just thinking about heartburn can bring a frown to the face of many a heartburn sufferer. Only a person who has suffered from heartburn, can know the true pain caused by it. That’s why most heartburn sufferers will search almost zealously to find a solution to either prevent, or cure their heartburn. One way of … Continue reading

Heartburn and Coffee

What would you think about if you heard the words heartburn coffee?  Not too much right, after all it doesn’t make much sense.  But that’s only if you live heartburn free.  For many sufferers coffee is one of the biggest taboos in their diet So, when they hear heartburn coffee, what they’re really hearing is, … Continue reading

Causes of Heartburn

Many of us suddenly get a burning sensation that starts in the chest.  This condition occurs sometimes just after we have eaten. After our stomachs have digested the food, the stomach juices can sometimes flow into the gullet, or as it is correctly called the esophagus.  When that happens the esophagus lining gets irritated and … Continue reading