Natural Ways To Cure Heartburn

Everyday, more than 60 million people in America suffer from a condition commonly known as hearburn.  Heartburn occurs when stomach acid flows from the stomach to the esophagus, causing an excruciating amount of pain.  For some, the pain can be minor, but for others it get be incredibly excruciating.  Still, in others, it can lead to esophogial cancer as the protective lining of the esophogus is eroded by the stomach acid.  Over-eating and obesity are the key causes of heartburn, which is essentially the same as acid reflux.

Chew your food

Assisting your digestive system in processing food is one of the easiest ways to prevent heartburn.  This is accomplished by thoroughly chewing your food before swallowing it.  This allows the stomach to make quick work of your food, sending it straight through to the next stage of digestion into the inteninal tract.  This prevents your food from sitting in your stomach for extended periods of time, which, in turn, prevents a build up of acid.  You’ll also want to minimize the actual amount of food you eat at a given setting.  It’s much better to eat several small portions of food throughout the day, instead of massive quantities at one time.  This allows your digestive tract to be in continual motion, which also helps to burn calories and lose weight.  If these suggestions don’t help with your acid reflux, you can also increase the amount of water you take.

Take in lots of water

In today’s world, many people simply don’t take in enough H2O.  Increasing the amount of water you drink also helps with digestion and has a secondary effect of dilluting stomach acid to a certain degree, which helps to prevent heartburn.

You may need a change in lifestyle to cure heartburn

Taking antacids like Tums and Rolaids may also help provide temporary relief, but if you feel that you have a chronic condition of acid reflux, you should seriously consider making a lifestyle change.  For some this means modifying your diet to exclude hot or spicy things in their diet.  Some men may need to stop using smokeless tobacco as the tobacco tends to flare acid if it’s ingested into the stomach.